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Syndicated products that are the Industry Standards
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Syndicated offers

TGI INDIA - A single source marketing, communication and planning tool

Target Group Index (TGI), is a global single source database that is rich in terms of measuring Product consumption, Consumer habits, Lifestyle, Attitude, Beliefs & Values, and Media habits. It provides a unique, in-depth understanding of consumer attitude and behavior based on more than 800,000 personal interviews conducted annually across 70 countries.

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Wallet Monitor

Wallet Monitor - The Urban Indian Household's Wallet Audit

Wallet Monitor provides a complete database on spending habits of urban Indian households.

Designed to track the household’s spending priorities overtime

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IMRB KidScan

IMRB KidScan

KidScan is a syndicated study launched by IMRB International as an attempt to understand the Indian kids’ world and their interaction with their environment.

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HomeMaker Bioscope - A decision support system for a comprehensive understanding of HomeMakers

The women of today are more educated, confident, determined, demanding and having high aspirations. About 30-35 per cent of the estimated 480 million jobs are performed by women and 54% of television advertising is targeted towards housewives making them the most targeted and sought after Target Group.

Presenting our new syndicated offering: HomeMaker Bioscope: a decision support system for a comprehensive understanding of HomeMakers.

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National Food Survey

The National Food Survey is a comprehensive study on food habits and consumption across urban India. Over the past two decades NFS has completed 6 rounds with the last one, NFS VI: The Convenience Foods Handbook - 2 conducted in December 2010.

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Star - Small Town & Rural

STAR - Small Town and Rural

Rural India contributes 70% of India’s population, 56% of income, 64% of expenditure and 33% of savings. With money being no longer a differentiator, a host of other factors.

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IMRB 3G Syndicated Study

3G Mobile Services in India

The long awaited 3G spectrum auctions have finally happened and the telecom industry is in the cusp of an exciting change.

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Telecom Report

This report would give a detailed analysis of the emerging telecom market in India and would cover the trends in Basic Telephony (including WiLL), Cellular (with a focus on the fourth operator) and Long Distance.

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Internet In India

Originally released in 1998, this series of syndicated studies on the Internet market is one of the most exhaustive reports available on the Indian Internet Market.

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A Half yearly track of the Indian PC, Networking and Software market. This report gives details on the PC / LAN / Printers / UPS / Networking Products / Softwares / Internet Penetration in terms of their Installed Bases, Market Sizes, etc.

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