Research Manager

IMRB International, Kolkata Office, one of the largest MR offices in India, with substantial international business, offers an excellent opportunity to work on solutions driven quantitative consumer projects using state-of the-art techniques for blue chip clients.

IMRB Kolkata’s clients like British American Tobacco (BAT) and ITC are among the most sophisticated users of market Research and require high quality and innovative work with a strong emphasis on providing solutions to client’s business issues. The quality of output offered by IMRB therefore commands a premium in the market. Experience to such an environment provides a researcher exposure to the highest standards of quantitative market research.

Market research at IMRB Kolkata is exciting, with the use of state-of-the-art tools like Structural Equation Modelling, Choice Based Conjoint, SPSS, MAGIC etc, which make possible innovative solutions to be offered to clients. Researchers would be expected to work on studies such as

  • Annual Brand Health Studies
  • Tracking  Brand Health & Evaluating effect of inputs
  • Simulated Test Marketing (STMs) : forecasting the performance of a new brand pre launch
  • Consumer Segmentation & Category Understanding
  • Using Segmentation studies across markets to help create Global portfolios, Regional portfolios, developing Brand Positioning , differentiating between Brands
  • Pricing : Brand Price Trade Off, Choice Based Conjoint, Simulated Purchase
  • Packaging Research
  • Product Tests & Product Space Mapping
  • Post Launch Tracking
  • Measuring the effect of marketing initiative through creating short term panels and measuring Pre vs. Post
  • Market Sizing Exercises

Market Research at IMRB Kolkata is not just limited to generating insights and offering solutions to clients at a tactical level, it also involves partnering and advising clients on strategy.

A brief overview of key clients will help in better appreciation of IMRB Kolkata’s portfolio:


  • ITC Tobacco: IMRB is ITC’s lead market research partner for over thirty years. ITC Tobacco is one of the largest market research accounts in the country with work on some of the biggest Indian brands like Gold Flake, Classic, Scissors. 
  • ITC FMCG: ITC’s vision is to grow into a fully diversified FMCG company. IMRB handles ITC’s Foods Business (Aashirwaad atta, Sunfeast biscuits, Minto & Candyman confectionery Bingo ! chips), and ITC’s Personal Care division which has launched a range of personal products like soaps, shampoo under the brand Fiama de Wills ,Vivel, and Superia


  • British American Tobacco (BAT): The world’s second largest tobacco company and the parent company of ITC. IMRB Kolkata has leveraged its tobacco research expertise in providing research & consultancy for BAT companies around the world. In the last three years, IMRB Kolkata Office has conducted research for BAT in over 50 countries across the world in all the continents e.g. in Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam , South Africa, Nigeria,, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Netherlands, etc. To cater to the BAT business, IMRB Kolkata has placed researchers from its office in London, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo and Amsterdam. This international business is now a very large & growing part of IMRB Kolkata’s business.  IMRB’s role in such projects is to develop the proposal, the research design & the questionnaire; process the data, conduct the analysis and work out the final presentation.  Fieldwork is organised locally by the BAT Company.

With BAT’s headquarters in London, IMRB works together to develop research protocols; conduct experimental projects; initiate changes & improvements to existing research methodologies.

  • Specialised work for other FMCG companies in India like Pepsi, Colgate

IMRB Kolkata is on the look out for market researchers at the level of Research Manager with a 1 – 3 year’s experience in quantitative consumer market research in established agencies.
The Researcher’s responsibilities will be to plan, coordinate and report on market research projects, and will include

  • Writing Research Proposals
  • Developing Questionnaires
  • Interacting with the Field on fieldwork
  • Briefing Analysis about the data processing requirements
  • Analysing the data
  • Writing the Report or the Presentation. Researchers are expected to dig deep into the data to extract incisive and marketing oriented analysis.

IMRB Kolkata expects to hear from researchers who:

  • Are oriented towards understanding Client’s marketing problems and oriented to be solution providers.
  • Are very numerate.
  • Have very good analytical skills e.g. the ability to derive meaningful relationships in the data to draw meaningful insights.
  • Are willing & enthusiastic learners.
  • Have good written & oral communication skills.
  • Have the ability to service clients and perform under deadline pressure.

In turn, IMRB offers:

  • Work which is mentally stimulating & challenging
  • An environment where young researchers have the opportunity & freedom to contribute considerably to IMRB’s  final ‘product’ i.e. the report, the presentation, the insights, the quality of the solution
  • Variety in terms of researching a wide variety of different marketing issues e.g. segmentation, brand health, forecasting share of new brands, packaging research, tracking new brand launch, understanding the impact of price changes etc
  • Considerable opportunities for learning – new techniques ,  exposure to work in other IMRB units, work across the Kantar Group
  • A good fieldwork & data processing infrastructure
  • A friendly, informal, open, cooperative work environment
  • An excellent opportunity for career growth – the industry is growing, company is growing, there are multiple opportunities both in India and abroad, and those who do well, will grow fast within the company

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